Window Prostitution Through The Ages

prostitutie vroegerThe ladies behind the windows mostly wear panties, a garter belt and a bra. Much different than in the Fifties and Sixties when the police insisted prostitutes to sit behind their windows in non-revealing dresses. Frequently, prostitutes at work were knitting or reading a book. If a potential client passed by they tapped on the window with the knitting needle. Back then, it was harder for prostitutes to get a man inside. Once a client was attracted, prostitutes would frequently attempt to extract as much money from him as possible. In the business this was called ‘uitpezen’.

Today a client pays € 25 up to € 100 (depending on the wishes) for the services of a prostitute. The average time it takes for a prostitute to fulfill her client’s needs is about fifteen to twenty minutes. The rent that a prostitute must pay for a room varies from € 45 to € 100 per shift, depending on the location in the area. For this amount the prostitute also receives protection, clean towels and sheets and the usage of shower facilities.

Prostitution Information Centre

prostitutie nuThe Prostitution Information Centre (PIC), located at Enge Kerksteeg 3 (behind the Old Church), was founded in 1994 by former prostitute Mariska Majoor. The PIC provides information about prostitution in the broadest sense to anyone who wants to know more about prostitution in the Red Light District. Tourists, sex workers, their customers and students – everyone is welcome. PIC’s goal is to make it easier for people in general to talk openly about sex work and to create public respect for sex workers (a word used more frequently rather than “prostitutes”).